I’ve been trying to write a post on Eleanor Roosevelt. She’s been my role model and hero since I read her book “You Learn by Living”. I’ve read other books on her, written by her and others since, but that book continues to stay with me. My admiration for Eleanor is deeply rooted in her ability to rise from her hardships. She was orphaned by the age of 10, her mother made her very self-conscious of her appearance calling her “Granny” for being plain and having a serious demeanor at a young age, her husband betrayed her more than once during their marriage, paired with other disappointments throughout her life — she continued on. And she rose as one of the most important figures to shape the US & the world.

The following quote from Ken Burns’ The Roosevelts,  I feel best explains why Eleanor is my hero:

Eleanor Roosevelt is a sort of miracle of the human spirit I think.

There are so many times in her life when you would think she would have given up:

When she was a little girl, when she was betrayed during WWI, and this awful betrayal in the end.

And somehow she continued doing her work. She lived to meet the needs of others, she explained that early on and she never abandoned it.
“The way to be loved is to do things for people, to help them.”
And I think that is what she always relied on to go on and she went on.
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, Episode 7  1944-1952 “A Strong and Active Faith”, Ken Burns. 2014, PBS