Surrender is an interesting word, isn’t it? I feel that it’s carried such a bad reputation in how we’ve used it in language and context. But I am finding that with surrendering to what is — there is something truly liberating. ┬áThere are things in life we cannot force or will to our liking. But our willingness to be with the difficulty, to stay with the pain, the roughness, the grit, to flow of its negative impact on our lives and to honor and respect the hardship of forging ahead from that dark place — brings real peace and clarity. I am being vague out of respect for my privacy and others. But mostly, I feel that what I touch on in my blog (and moving forward) applies to a lot of things in my life. All angles, all facets. I want to be better in all ways. Not just in work or creativity or my sense of adventure, wonder, curiosity , my commitment to the betterment of my communities, my well-being, my spiritual growth, my love to family and friends — in a sense, I have always wanted to be better all at once. Since all these things feel connected to me. And when it comes to most challenging and difficult experiences in life, I try to get to the root. I am learning to drop the programming, the stories, the lies I’ve told myself of the why it should be this or that. And again, to start from surrendering to what is. The way things are now and to move forward from there. To be more gentle with myself when things get rough and to really listen…

Surrendering is an act of courage I feel. When you fight against the current for so long, you will get tired.  Sometimes the current will bring you to where you really need to go. Just let it.